Past Events

Apr 24

The NCRN Meeting Spring 2017 is the opportunity to learn about the research done within the NSF-Census Research Network.

LocationU.S. Census Bureau HQ

Monday, April 24, 2017

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Nov 29 3:30pm EST

Nancy Bates, Senior Researcher for Survey Methodology, U.S. Census Bureau, NCRN Coordinator at the U.S. Census Bureau, gives the 26th Annual Morris Hansen Lecture on "Hard-to-Survey Populations and the U.S. Decennial Census"

The  26th Annual Morris Hansen Lecture is sponsored by the Washington Statistical Society, Westat, and the National Agricultural Statistics Service.

A reception will follow the lecture at 5:30pm on the USDA Whitten Building Patio.


Brad Edwards, Vice President, Westat

Oct 24

The NCRN Meeting Fall 2016 is the opportunity to learn about the research done within the NSF-Census Research Network. Presentations by network researchers are open to the public. 

LocationU.S. Census Bureau HQ

Oct 21 1:30pm EDT

CNSTAT has announced the program of its Fall 2016 Public Seminar. The featured topic is "Taking Surveys to People’s Technology: Implications for Federal Statistics and Social Science Research" (Fred Conrad, Survey Research Center, University of Michigan, and Michael Schober, New School for Social Research). Please see the attached program for details and how to register.

Sep 21 12:00pm EDT

University of Maryland/Joint Program on Survey Methodology Seminar Series

Speaker: John M. Abowd, Director of the Labor Dynamics Institute, Associate Director for Research and Methodology and Chief Scientist, U.S. Census Bureau

Title: The Challenge of Scientific Reproducibility and Privacy Protection for Statistical Agencies

Sep 15

The 2016 RDC Conference will be held at the Texas A&M Campus on September 15, 2016. The registration deadline is Wednesday, August 17, 2016.

For more details, see here.

Many NCRN nodes have a Federal Statistical Research Data Center on campus, and may be present at the RDC conference. Lars Vilhuber will be speaking at the conference on the NCRN.